The first issue of ITJEM 2017 brings some news

  1. Layout and graphics have been partially renewed, broadly amended in the previous one;
  2. ISSN Notification (2532-1285) has been reached;
  3. Articles contents are for the most part in english presentation; we’re just continuing the SIMEU known process, begun a few months ago.
This issue contains items, which have several characteristics.
Two reviews arised from the observation of rare cases: a suicide attempt by copper sulfate injection (Spagnolello et al) and a respiratory distress due to fuel inhalation of a “Fire-Eater” (Zizzo et al).
Treating these patients, we took the chance to review the existing literature about the above mentioned cases.  
“A mushroom grown up from the aorta” (Pizzolato et al) also describes very uncommon clinical and diagnostic aspects; whereas “A case of heart stroke in the abuse of energy drinks” (Busti et al) reports the clinical experience of the common drinks use that can have devastating side-effects.
Other contributors’ articles are just expression of a rising culture: like in “First Aid description in the scene of crime” (De Angelis et al), and in the six cases of “CPR-induced consciousness in witnessed cardiac arrest” (Grandi et al).
Still remain separated the contribution of the nursing area, hoping for the last time.
Since emergency medicine and emergency nursing have got so much in common, it makes more sense, in the respect of competence areas, not to consider them separately.