A website to reach a larger public

Thanks to all of us who believed in the project of this new, modern journal. It will surely be a new avenue for scientific communication and beyond, portraying the real life of the scientific community we represent. I hope there will be more and more people believing in it and in its development in the future.
The new version of Itjem represents an innovative way for Simeu to talk first of all to the scientific world and then also to the general public. It makes its scientific core stronger and it introduces a generalistic section of articles about Italian emergency medicine, addressing organisational and political issues, in particular from the perspective of Simeu. Itjem, in its new edition, aims to increase its public. That’s why each article on the website is now linkable and can be shared on social networks; thanks to this, we will be able to reach many more people than before.
A special thanks goes to Paolo Groff, Itjem past manager, who created and started the review for Simeu, and to Giuliano Bertazzoni, the new sientific manager, who imagined and realized the new edition.

Good work to everyone.

Maria Pia Ruggieri, MD

Italian Emergency Urgency Medicine Society (SIMEU) National President