I servizi di emergenza sanitaria territoriale (118) in Italia e il ruolo dell’infermiere

Corrado Maccari


The analysis aims to evaluate the use of each EMS professionals in Italy. We use the data collected by the Ministry of Health and published in 2007. In Dispatch center on average there are 1 doctor, 4 nurses, 1 operator.

However, there are dispatch center with only nurse, others where instead of the prevailing medical attendance or operators.

The dispatch center of large size are more efficient: this is an attendant every 240,000 inhabitants, compared to 1 employee every 88,000 inhabitants in the smaller dispatch center. There are 1 ambulance every 21,000 inhabitants (sd 7,800). The team leader on rescue vehicles is carried in 44% of rescuers, 39% of doctors and 17% nurses.

In Italy the EMS have a large regional variation, with considerable overlap of functions between the professionals involved.