Suspect Moschcowitz syndrome: how, when, why

di Jacopo Frizzi, Stefano Sartini, Nicola Di Pietra, Valeria Donati1, Matteo Borselli, Elisabetta Sarcoli, Barbara Barracco, Francesca Lelli, Carolina Granai, Veronica Bocchi, Maria Serena Verzuri, Marcello Pastorelli, Fulvio Bruni, Cristina Lenzi


Overcrowding in Emergency Departments is one of the most important issues facing nationwide. The aim of the paper is to examine how to improve patients flow through optimization of hospital beds. To improve discharging processes and patients flow during the entire day, a new co-department was created, called “Discharge Room”, a wide functional area for patients discharged from the hospital that are waiting family members or an ambulance.
After Discharge Room creation the percentage of patients who found a bed in a specialist department within 4hours after a complete clinical stabilization performed in ED increased from 75% to 82.5%.