Determinanti di sopravvivenza dopo arresto cardiaco extraospedaliero: studio sugli interventi effettuati nella provincia di Ferrara nel 2010

Eleonora Serra, Maria Adelina Ricciardelli, Riccardo Rista


The operations on patients suffering from a cardiac arrest represent an index of quality for the 118 system. In this study we have analysed the data concerning the cardiac arrests handled by Ferrara’s territorial emergency service, in order to evaluate the system and delineate the solutions which could lead up to its endless improvement. Our results don’t differ from the ones recorded in the literature; the response time and the taking notice of a shockable rhythm are decisive factors for survival. Improvements for the starting up of an AED network on the territory would be highly desirable, as well as a greater diffusion of the medical car in order to reduce the response time in the different districts that make up the area where the service is given.